Wedding Planning: What to Register


What to Register for your Wedding

Now that you are in the midst of planning your dream day and future together time to think about your registry. People like getting you gifts so here are some tips and ideas to put on your wedding registry. 


1. Remember who you invited to your wedding. If you are a younger couple, please keep in mind that your friends probably cannot afford the $200 marble cutting board. Stick to the basics. Most of your registry should be gifts between $5-$100, with about 20 items over $100.

2. Its okay not to register for fine china. If you do not plan to host huge events all the time at your house, this is something you can wait a few years to purchase. 

3. Register together. Make it a date! Going around the store(s) and seeing all the cool new things you can put in your house/apartment to make it your home is so exciting, so grab a drink and dinner after and talk about all the cool new gadgets you are potentially going to get and which ones you are most excited about. 

4. Register at 2 or 3 stores. This gives a variety of ideas and price points for your guests. Go down every isle too! Finding those neat gadgets that you never thought would be helpful in your home. 


1. Already living together? That is fine, register for replacements. New kitchen towels, matching bath sets, new wooden spoons, and anything that is worn and potentially still left from college dorm days.

2. Camping equipment is a idea for the new home owner or adventurous couple.  Tents, coolers, grill accessories, air mattress, lawn games, card table and chairs, lawn chairs something that can be used in the back yard too for those summer barbecues.

3. Organization. This is key. Baskets, clear containers, storage totes, etc. These will help in making sure you put all your new stuff to use.

4. Register for that big ticket item: vacuum, new luggage, that duvet set, grill, new tv, guests like to go in together on a big ticket item. Just do not make your whole registry all big ticket items. 

5. Can't think of things to register for, no worries most stores have lists for you at customer service. Still don't like that idea, pick your favorite charity and have guests donate to that in your names.

My favorite place to register is amazon!

Cheers to wedding planning!