Choosing your Wedding attire

What to wear to your wedding day

Planning a wedding is all about the details. Picking the right attire is one of them. Not only for the bride, groom, bridesmaids, groomsmen’s, littles, ushers but also the parents.

This is your time to shine so incorporate your sense of style and do not be afraid of a pop of color.

Please remember where you are getting married and what season. For example; Groomsmen should not be wearing a four-piece wool tux on the beach in the middle of summer. Heat stroke, dehydration and sweat are not a pleasant thing to deal with on wedding days. As for ladies, strappy heals, short, thin dresses in the middle of winter with three feet of snow is probably not a good idea either.

Below are tips and ideas for the bridal party to help narrow down the selections. Budget should be established before walking into the store, stick to it and if the perfect attire is not at the first store go to the next one.

Brides: Start off with choosing a color that works best for your skin tone. White, ivory, blush, off-white, champagne, or whatever color you wish there are so many options now! Next figure out what you like on it and material. Bling, pearls, embroidery, rushing, just make sure you like it. Next choose fabric that you want to try, lace, satin, tulle, chiffon, linen, silk. After that try on the most basic dress in each style available, this will allow you to find the style best for your body type. Do not rule any certain style out before you try it. Once style is narrowed down, add your love list and keep building the dress of your dreams.      

*insider tip* get your dress hymned in between your heel height and the flats you will wear later dancing. If your super cute heels show in pictures that’s not the worst thing of the day 😊


Grooms: This is your time to show your personal style. If you are not afraid of color pick a super cool tie or jacket. Even though black, navy, grey and white are classic choices, adding a pop of color is not a bad thing either. Also if your bride is wearing a non white dress, your dress shirt should not be stark white. It will make her dress look dirty. Stick with ivory or off white. Suspenders, vests, patterned ties or bowties are not out of the question either. Just be you and comfortable. If you do not feel happy and excited in your attire it will show in your pictures. That is a no no on your big day, the happiest day of your life!


Bridesmaids: Brides, some input maybe required from your maids. Choose the color and style wisely. Remember not all bridesmaids look the same. Make sure they have the same length of dress as well as material. Other than that, the choices are endless, have fun! Same shoe color is probably a good idea as well, it gives a more uniform look but lets them choose the style they feel most comfortable in. Accessories is up to the bride and most often is part of the bridesmaid gift. Do not be afraid of color, pattern and bling it is your wedding and bridesmaids should be comfortable as well.


Groomsmen: Same rules as the groom but you want your groom to stand out and be slightly different. So if the groom has a patterned tie, have the groomsmen have a solid color.

Mothers: This is the perfect opportunity to bond. Make a shopping day out of it with the bride. Coordinate with each other, but not match. So similar style and color pallet. Make sure it is faltering and approved by the bride. Once the bride gives the final ok, stick with that choice.

Dads: You follow the same rules as the groomsmen, unless the couple asks you to wear something different.

Ushers: This is up to the couple for you to match the bridal party or not. If not stay within the color scheme. So if they are wearing black, then you should wear black as well.

Littles: depending on the age is how I recommend attire. Super tiny babes, keep it simple. Toddlers, same thing simple is best. Anyone older then 5, they are probably excited to be apart of the wedding and to dress up. Allow the parents to give suggestions based on their budget. No matter what they will be adorable. Also remember they are the very last to get dressed, you do not want lunch all over them while you take pictures.

Cheers to wedding planning!