Wedding Day Survival Kit

What's in my bag?


As part of being a planner I always have a tote bag with me along with your timeline, invite and intimate details. Why? Just in case....

Just in case of...

Nose bleeds: tissues, shout wipes, antibacterial wipes, gloves

Rips: safety pins, mending tape, needle and thread, scissors

"UH I forgot too": deodorant, mouth wash, toothbrush and toothpaste, baby powder, perfume, lotion, eye drops, tums, hairspray, feebreeze, mints, nail fixing kit, chapstick

Some things may surprise you too, like a full tool bag, first aid kit, cake cutting knife, clothes pins, many pens and sharpies, extra wedding guest book, and some floral wire. I also carry a granola bar or two and fruit snacks to bribe the little's in your wedding to do a good job.

Being prepared is one of the most important things to look in when hiring a planner. Having a just in case bag is also helpful too. 

Why do I have this bag on wedding day, it is a life saver. Each wedding I add something new to help the next bride. Hopefully nothing goes wrong and the only thing that I need to get out of this bag is the mints and pens, but you never know ;)

Cheers to wedding planning!