Attending a Wedding as a Planner

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Wedding Planner as a guest

I attend a lot of weddings each year, 95% of them I am the wedding planner and not the guest. One of the hardest parts about my job is learning when to turn off the planner. 

Just like any other creative it is hard to turn that part of your brain off. Photographers are looking for a new place to shoot, Graphic designers are looking for new colors and images, Floweriest are dreaming of fresh bouquets and wedding planners well its hard to stop the planning and urge to help. 

Which brings me to the point of the blog post. A family members wedding. This is the day that we all had been waiting for was here. This very low key wedding was exactly what the bride and groom dreamed of; simple elegance.  We as a family are very involved in each others lives and for me it was hard to keep from being invasive and let her enjoy this day. So I kept my questions to a minimum throughout the planning process, only offered advice when they asked and reminded myself to focus on the joyous day as a whole not the details that I usually do. We had a blast and only took a couple photos because we were too busy dancing, eating and enjoying the company of family. 

In the future if you invite a wedding planner to your wedding you are so lucky! Try and keep details to yourself so that they can enjoy your day too and they don't feel like they are working. They will try and help and will ask a ton of questions, but if things do go wrong you know who to turn to for help. 

Cheers to planning!