Wedding Planning To-Do List

Week Wedding of TO-DO list

Oh my goodness its the week of your wedding and your trying not to freak out. Do not worry this feeling is totally normal. Take a deep breath and let's start checking off a to-do list. There are 3 major categories of this to-do list; Pamper, Preparation, Pack



* Hair color if it needs touched up: You want a fresh and dimensional hair, for all the pictures.

*Mani and Pedi: for all those ring shots and for relaxation, this is a good way to bond with your bridal party and soon to be in-laws.

*Spray tan/self tanner: totally optional, but make sure you get in closer to the beginning of the week just in case it is too dark or the wrong color. No one wants silly tan lines in a beautiful gown.


*Figure out lunch plans for the day of, you will need light snacks and beverages while getting ready.

*Figure out who is going to bring home and or take down your decorations.

*Enlist someone to take your gifts home.

*Double count your RSVP list and give final counts to catering and cake. This should be done sooner but the week before send another count just as back up.

*Find out who is going to cut your cake and have proper tools to do so; knife, plates, napkins, forks.

*Go over timeline with your wedding planner and ask any questions you have and any concerns. 

*Write down a list of pictures of family and friends that are on your must list and give to your photographer and wedding planner.

*Pay any outstanding vendor invoices.

*Give your DJ/Band your usb drive of your slideshow 


*Extra shoes for dancing

*Back up undergarments

*Spray deodorant, no more white marks on jackets :)

*Any sentimental items that will be carried down the isle

*Honey moon bag, have this ready before so all you have to do is wake up and go! Include a hat, tumbler for the pool, sunscreen, bug repealant, small first aid kit, and stomach settlers for the delicious food you will be consuming.