After the wedding, now what?

White Horse Carriage

The ceremony is over and the reception is winding down and you are heading out the door to catch a plane to some tropical island!

Here are a few tips to help with the end of the night items and a smooth transition back from your island adventures. 

Gifts: Designate someone to take them back to your place or hold them until you return. You want to have these packed up and in the vehicle relatively early in the night. Otherwise there is a chance something could get broken while in transition. It is best to have someone you trust with fragile items load the gifts and take them back. So your cousin Johnny who just graduated college and was head of social events at his fraternity, probably not the best choice due to liability and lack of experience with fragile china...Best bet for this person is either grandma, aunt or god mother, they understand the importance of getting these gifts safely to the next destination and are less likely to break anything. While we are on this topic, hide the cards as well in a gift bag or make sure the box that they are stashed in is hidden.

Decor: This is important if you have rented items pay the extra money to have the company come pick them up the next day or following business day. That way you do not have to worry about getting them back to the facility or breaking them in transition. If you have the decor yourself, whomever you have asked to help clean up make sure you let them know what items you are saving for later and which to pitch. *side note if you are using fresh flowers, have guests take some home or donate them to the local hospital or assisted living*

Bags: Have your honeymoon bag ready to go and in a safe place so that you can just pick it up and head to your destination. As for your wedding day bag, put it in your closet and unpack it when you get back from your honeymoon. 

Refrigerator: Week of the wedding you want to try and have a clean refrigerator. All produce, meat, cheese, milk or anything else that can spoil within a week needs to be tossed or eaten. You do not want to play the guess what this moldy thing is when you get home... YUCK! Also, take out your trash. Stinky trash sitting for a week or more can really do some damage, double YUCK! 

Mail: Ask someone to come to your place to check the mail and pick up any gifts that may have been delivered while you are gone. Also if you live in an apartment let your landlord know that you are leaving for the week just in case something were to happen. Same with neighbors (if you know them really well). 

Animals: Don't forget about your fur babies! Give the care provider an emergency number that is local and someone you trust. 

Phones: Call your service provider and see what the charges are for international travel, nothing can be worse than racking up a few hundred dollar bill while on vacation due to roaming charges. 

Lastly, when you return try give yourself at least 12 hours of travel recovery time. This will allow you to adjust to time zones and get your home back in order. 

Cheers to wedding planning!