How to choose the best wedding photographer


Ok now that you're engaged, venue and date are set time to look into a photographer. How will you ever find the best one? Here are some tips on what to look for in a photographer.

First you need to think about what kind of style you want and what fits best for you as a couple. Are you light and airy, dark and moody, candid, posey, do you want a team or just one person? Do you have a budget set? Most photographers are going to cost $2000-5000+ for your wedding day and possibly engagement session too. Once your style is established, now google and social media will be your best tool. Start off by looking in your area, ask your venue or wedding planner on who they recommend. Then ask your married friends who they had, did you love their pictures? Next step is to set a few appointments with photographers in your area. You want this to be a get to know you meeting. Why? If you do you not get along well or feel that they do not understand what you want to capture on your wedding day, then they are not your photographer. These pictures are going to be apart of the rest of your life. Go ahead and spend the time to make sure that you feel comfortable around your photographer. Remember they are going to be with you throughout the whole wedding day from start to end and everything in between capturing all of the special intimate moments.  Now narrow it down to your top two and request quotes. If you love and connect with one more then the rest but they are out of your budget, go for it! Budgets can we reworked to find minor cuts to make up for the photographer you love. If that is just not possible talk to your wedding planner to see if they have any ideas, or schedule a few more consults with the other photographer to get to know them better. You never know who you are going to click with! 

In the end these photographs are going to be hung up in your home and be part of your love story. Take your time and choose wisely, and ask lots of questions.

Cheers to wedding planning!