Wedding Planner Introduction: River Top Event Coordinating

Oh Hey There!


Just wanted to give a short introduction of myself and all about River Top Event Coordinating!

My name is Jena, I am the lead planner and owner. This is not a one woman show, I do have the have a huge support system and team of family, friends and vendors. I may be the face of the brand but without them there would be no brand. So let's start out by introducing them.

First there is my husband Jason. He not only provides muscle if needed but also support. You may not see him but trust me he helps make this business work smoothly and gives topics for blog posts, instagram ideas, and looks over all contracts and timelines to make sure you are getting the best coverage possible.

Next would be the "small group" of vendors that are really friends now. When I say "small group" that is the best way I could describe this group. I was invited to join this group of entrepreneurs and creatives to share ideas and struggles of owning a business. It is called Rising Tide Society and it is a national society that meets once a month to go over business stuff in the creative world! It is so awesome and I am so thankful for each and everyone of these frendors! 

Then there is you! Couples who read the blog, present RTEC bride and past RTEC bride. You help make this dream a reality. Give honest feedback, and take everything with great stride. All the ideas, adventures, and growth could not be done without you and your trust in me! 

UGG now the worst part of introductions, talking about yourself....

Well, I am an open book with a big heart. I am very detail oriented and punctual. I am either 10 mins ahead of time or on time. I hardly am ever late for anything and it makes me feel sick if I am. EEEK. I love love and weddings. They are my favorite. I truly have the best time at your wedding and have fun planning it. If you are lucky you may see me dancing from table to table while releasing for dinner, or after cutting the cake. I wear tennis shoes most of your wedding day except for the ceremony. I am running around in all sorts of weather, making sure everything is perfect and heels just do not cut it ;) I love my job, family and pup. I can't wait to meet you and enjoy a beverage with you. I really do want to be your friend at the end of the day and have your best interest in mind. Trust me you will not have to worry at all on your wedding day. 

Now about River Top Event Coordinating, RTEC for short. This dream started way back before our move to Evansville. I always dreamed of having my own business but never really knew what I wanted to do. Then the opportunity came to work and study under one of the biggest venues in the Indianapolis area. There I learned the in's and out's of event and wedding planning. The behind the scenes and how to pull off a great event! From Colts training camp, hosting the Governor's breakfast, trade shows, quinceaneras and weddings. Then the move came, Jason got a promotion and we had to move to the other side of the state with no connections or idea of the area. We emerged ourselves in the Southern Indiana living and got to work. With this new move, gave me the opportunity to start this dream. Wedding planner, yep that was it. Be a #bossbabe start new, find yourself, be creative. Not many wedding planners were in the area and I thought, hey I can provide a different type of service then the others in the area. So RTEC was born in February 2016! With each wedding we learn something new, cater to each unique bride and show off the skills learned along the way. We can't wait to plan with you and help you start your marriage off on the right foot!