Attending a Wedding as a Guest

Dear Wedding Guest,


This is my note just for you. Just a couple things to keep in mind while attending your friend or family members wedding. 

1. Attire it is a big deal, not what type of attire but color. DO NOT WEAR WHITE, IVORY, LIGHT BLUSH, OR LIGHT KHAKI, or a pattern with these as a main color, did I have to use all caps, yes this is a major no no! Unless the bride has asked you specifically to wear one of these colors do not, I repeat do not wear these colors. I know blush and khaki are an "it" color and you may think that it is not close to the ivory or white. But it is, in photographs it looks very pale and does look like white. Please do not upset the bride. If in doubt wear a darker pink, brown, navy, even black. 

2. Remember to feed your kids. Weddings ceremony's normally take place between 3-5, then having cocktail hour after. Which means dinner is not until 630-730 if you are lucky. So to avoid meltdowns please give your kids a snack before the ceremony or during cocktail hour. I as a planner, vow to make sure tables with younger kids get dismissed towards the front but it is not always guaranteed. 

3. Be respectful, remember why you are attending. This is a very memorable time in the couple's life. So if it is an unplugged ceremony, please respect their wishes. Do not lean in the isle to get "the perfect shot of the bride and groom", that is what the photographer is for, instead ask the couple a few weeks later to have a copy of that perfect shot! Do not post on social media before the couple does so. Please show up on time and even 15-10 minutes early is fine too, but no more than 30. Be respectful to the vendors, the couple paid money for them to do their job. So do not be mad if the DJ doesn't play your favorite song, it maybe on the do not play list. The photographer and videographer are capturing the day and trying to stay out of view, but sometimes to get that perfect shot they maybe in your way for 2.5 seconds. Do not get upset just remember you are attending this amazing wedding to support the couple!

4. Booze.... we all like to party now and again. Let loose and have a good time, but be responsible. Have a sober driver setup before you arrive. The couple is not obligated to provide this service for you. If they do, you just won the jackpot, be thankful. Also know your limit, no one wants to be "that guy" at a wedding and be remembered that way. Try not complain about the bar service and what is paid for or not, sometimes you have to make cuts in the budget to accommodate for other things you love. Bar is one way to cut the budget. Cash bar, hosted bar, open bar can add up over time. Smile and know one is forcing you to drink alcohol either.  

5. Be nice to your elders. Older guests need more room and accommodations. Please be mindful that they are guests of the wedding too. They will be a little bit slower in the food line, and will probably have to sit down right away after the ceremony. If you see someone needing a seat, offer it up and help them to it. It is a nice gesture and means more than you know to them.

6. Have fun! It is such a joyous occasion. The couple has asked you to be apart of this day with them, they need your support. It may not be today but someday they will. Have fun, take all the love in, remember why you love them as a couple. Praise their commitment to each other. And further more, if you are married yourself remember why you took that commitment years ago. 


Cheers to love!