How to Choose Wedding Flowers

Wedding Flowers

So it's time to start looking into flowers. Fresh or silk, whole sale/dyi or expert, these will be some of the decisions you will have to make.  I will list the pros and cons of each to help guide you on your journey. It is important to look at all different types of magazines to see which types of flowers you love. This will help when you go meet with a florist or go shopping on your own. 



*get to keep after your wedding to decorate your home

*they do not die or wilt

*tend to be on the budget friendly side

*can be prepared way in advace


*sometimes can be expensive

*no fresh flower smell

*cannot color match to your theme and are limited to certain types



*fresh flower smell

*can be customized to your colors

*more realistic 

*photograph better


*can be expensive

*may have to import from other parts of the country

*have to be kept cool to keep from wilting

*can only be prepared in a couple days in advance



*can get better deals on either silk or fresh

*knowledge, this is key! They know what they are doing and which flowers go together and what can make it pop

*they have the resources to find that special flower you are looking for

*they do the hard work and bring them to you


*may be limited on your date

*will cost more then dyi

Whole Sale/DYI


*budget friendly

*mass quantity of season flowers


*limited types of flowers

*you have to put them together

*may not have your dream flowers

Now that you know the pros and cons of each, research. Research your local florist, have meetings with them, talk it over with your significant other and set a budget. Each wedding is unique and thus no two weddings are the same. Hope this helps!

Cheers to wedding planning!