Kids Table: Featured in Engaged River Valley Magazine

We love doing shoots for Engaged River Valley Magazine! We got the honor to also write an article on the reasons why you should have a kids table or corner at your wedding. What to include, where to find things, location of table and more! Plus all the cute pictures and fun ideas.

Thank you to the local vendors who helped with this shoot: I’ve added their Instagram handles to make it easier for you to follow them!

Photographer: 35mm Snaps @35mmsnaps

Cake: Lil Tates Cupcakes @lil.tates_cupcakes

Kid’s Packets/Graphics: 5PinkPeonies @5pinkpeonies

Location: The Kingmen’s Event Facility @thekingmenseventfacility (facebook only)

Magazine article and pictures here. You will want the latest Winter/Spring 2019 issue, but all the other issues are listed as well. We are featured in the others too!

Anyways, here is the full article that I wrote for this magazine.

Kids Table

You’ve decided to invite kids to your wedding and reception. Great! Kids are fun and always have a silly face and killer dance moves. They can also cause some anxiety with wedding planning. Will they behave, will they cry, will their parents pay attention to them throughout the night, oh gosh they could break something or even worse get into the cake before we cut it; these are all valid feelings and thoughts. The best solution is to have a dedicated spot or table just for them!  A table far away from the cake, presents, and yet near the dance floor is the key location for this activity spot.

If you know that most of the kids are school age, you may want to forgo the linen and opt for a big sheet of butcher paper (the big white/tan roll). Another way to make this kids table fun is set out their own cake or cupcakes once your cake has been cut. This will make them feel super special and cut down on trips to the main cake table, which reduces the amount of icing tasting.

kids at weddings

There are a few things you need to consider when stocking this kids table. What to have and what not to put on the table. They may also want to eat at this table too but do not require them to be separated from their parents.

kids at weddings

Include: crayons, workbooks, coloring pages, blocks, bubbles, action figures and if you are feeling adventurous playdough and Legos for the older kids.

Do Not Include: table decorations, fancy linens, anything breakable, scissors, glue, tape, stamps, ink, markers. Anything messy or that could cause damage to the event space or tables.

All these fun things can be found throughout the year. Hit up your local craft and dollar stores after major holidays (Valentines, 4th of July, Christmas) and back to school shopping for the best deals. Do not worry if the colors or theme do not match the whole wedding, the kids will not notice and will be more involved with the cool table.

Remember the reason why you invited the kiddos to the wedding, they are fun! Having a dedicated table for them will help reduce stress and add smiles to everyone’s faces, heck even big kids love kids tables too.

kids wedding activity book