Hello Groom

You popped the question now what?

Take a deep breath!!! 

Now the crazy starts, yep crazy. Most women have been dreaming of this special day since she was in elementary. There are certain things that have changed throughout the years, but some have stayed. Now this does not mean you are off the hook with the planning process. Here are a few tips to guide you through this process. 

Make decisions: I have had more meetings with just brides then brides and grooms. Be involved, make decisions, this is YOUR wedding too! Decor, linens, hairstyles maybe not your thing but cake, food, songs, alcohol are easy and fun ways to make decisions on. Pick your attire and the groomsmen, ask about readings and any other family traditions you can help check off the list. 

Don't be flaky: Meh, I don't care, you pick, whatever you want love, are phrases used way to much when planning a wedding. Do not be flaky, be understanding and endearing. If she asked for you opinion give it, she is probably torn between a couple things and needs the final ok to do something. Also if she gives you a list to do a task, DO IT, and in a timely manner, so like that week. 

Be Supportive: Yes there will be tears, and potentially fights. Planning a wedding is not easy, everyone wants to give their opinion especially the unwanted ones... be supportive in the choices that you have made together and stick to them (unless circumstances change like a death or birth in the family).  This will be the foundation to a great marriage, remember that is the end goal, a lasting marriage built on a solid foundation of support and love. 


Cheers to planning!