Choosing your wedding cake

Where do we begin. Choosing a wedding cake or dessert is one of the top three things we love to do when helping plan a wedding. Few things to remember when picking out your cake. If you are not a cake fan, that is fine too, pick out a different dessert like cheesecake, cookies, pie, macoorns, muffins, or something that fits your personalities. Now back to cake...

Start with flavors. Strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, carrot, and red velvet are at the top of the flavor list. If you cannot decide on one flavor that is ok, but keep the choices to a maximum of five flavors, any more then that is too busy for guests to choose. This is where you can show your personalities as well. Love oreos, lemon, spice, chocolate covered cherries, oh man the choices are unlimited!

Next decide if you want a tiered traditional cake or cupcakes. We are a fan of cupcakes for a variety of reasons. Traditional tiered cakes give off a classic feel and look for a wedding. Five tiers is a max you want to do due to the possibilities to crumble or lean. Pro tip: having a sheet cake in the kitchen area to cut as well helps reduce the amount of tiers and provide more cake to guest. If you go with cupcakes the advantage is that guests can go up and grab whatever flavor they want without having someone to cut the entire cake. Disadvantage to cupcakes is you need to order a bit more because guest will take more then one serving. When placing an order of cupcakes most bakeries will include a small cake of your flavor choosing to cut for pictures and save for your first anniversary. 

Lastly decide on what style you prefer. Choose how you want the icing to be, color scheme, floral design, plain, piping, so many options to customize your cake! 

Whatever you decide make sure that both parties are involved in tasting and cusomization. Talk to your baker and let them guide you as well.

Cheers to planning!