Decor: Finding your style

When it comes to wedding decor, it can be hard to decide what kind of style you have. Pick some colors that you both love. Then narrow it down to theme and style.

Colors; Stick with three: Bold/dark, neutral, and a metal.

-Bold/dark colors: Navy, black, Wine, forest green, purple, jewel tones, this is where you get creative. I will recommend staying away from orange, yellow, and neon colors due to they do not come off in photographs the way they do in real life. Again, this is your wedding and maybe a neon can be an accent color instead or a shade lighter could make the world of a difference. 

-Neutral colors for weddings: ivory, white, blush, kaki, grey, and light green. Think anything that you would find in nature. 

-Metals: this trend can stay forever in my opinion. Silver, gold, copper, rose gold, iron, black metal, and everything in between. Mixing is often frowned upon but if you love a mixture of metals, go for it!! 

Theme/Style keep it broad and simple, think winter wonderland instead of Alaskan tribal wedding in May under the Northern Lights... 

-Keeping it simple can allow you to pick a wide range of decor and still let it fit with the theme. 

-As for style, there are a few categories: Rustic, Classic, Modern, Vintage and can all overlap too. 

Rustic-think barns, wild flowers, fur, animals, outdoors, countryside, wood, 

Classic- roses, pearls, light colors, romantic, timeless, lace

Modern- metals, clean lines, bold, unique venue, 

Vintage- lace, bookcases, gardens, mixed china, tea party, 

Now these are just a few examples of style, one way to find your style is pick your favorite outfit, vacation spot, and then blend the two. If you love jeans, boots, and hiking = rustic or vintage; If you love summer dresses and wedges and the beach = classic or modern. Pinterest and bridal magazines are your best friend and to get inspired.