Wedding planning: All Hands on Deck


All Hands on Deck! Whether you have a wedding planner or not, your wedding day will have a bit of chaos to it. 

Having a wedding planner will help release some of this stress and chaos. They will handle all the details from vendor check ins, timelines, lighting candles, making sure bow-ties are straight just before the reveal. But you the bride will feel like you are on a sinking ship. This is totally normal.

All hands on deck is a good thing. Your bridesmaids, mothers, grandmothers, aunts, wedding planner, are all here for you. We jump into action for those final moments of getting you ready, hold your shoes, buckle that strap because your hands are shaking, zip your dress up (make sure mom or sister helps you that way you get a super sweet picture), remind you to put on lotion and drink plenty of water and lastly help you hold your dress up when you go to the bathroom, tell you jokes to ease your nerves . See all hands on deck does not need to feel like a sinking ship but a joyous time. What would you do with out your mates? 

After the wedding is over those who stood by you will encourage you through out your marriage. Through the thick and the times you want to jump overboard. Confine in them, listen to them and most of all laugh with them. 

Cheers to your wedding day and a life time of happiness